Monday, November 23, 2009

Hasta La Vista La Paz

Caleta Partida, BCS, Mexico
November 21, 2009

Ensenada Grande, just north of Caleta Partida
As with other cities that we have stopped in, La Paz was a mix of comfortable, known things and a hectic, frenetic list of chores to be completed! We did a pretty good job of getting the laundry and provisioning were pretty well completed. We have not had any major repairs that needed to be finished. We got me over the hill with a great birthday party on the beach.
We spent four nights on the dock at Marina de La Paz and three nights in the Mogote anchorage. The Giffords on Totem spent the entire week in the anchorage with daily trips to their shore base, Capaz. Through Behan's connections, we procured rides to order swim skins (full body bath suits) for the kids and a humongous provisioning run that should get us across the Sea of Cortez to Puerto Vallarta with a little exploring before Thanksgiving.
Today, we headed out after breakfast with the intention of fueling up as we left the harbor. There was a huge yacht that pulled in just ahead of us that we had to wait to fuel up for over an hour. Then, we finally got our fuel and were able to head north. Everyone else, Totem, Delos and Bella Marina, were anchored in Caleta Partida before we arrived. It is just as beautiful as it was last week, though a little cooler. The Norther that blew down early last week, seems to have started the much talked about (North of the border) cooling of the Sea of Cortez. However, during the days we are still seeing daytime temps in the mid to upper 80's, but now the nights are great for sleeping with lows in the low 60's.
We have procured some frozen turkey breasts (the senora at the supermarket asked me about when the "fiesta de pavo" or turkey festival was happening) and will figure out where we will celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday. If the weather holds we would like to do a little exploring in the islands. After Thanksgiving we will watching for a weather window during which to cross the Sea to the Mainland.
We got our fuel today, so we will make a decision about where to go next tomorrow . . . . or the next day!

Pelican sitting on a rock in Ensenada Grande

Bryce shows off his fish drawings

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