Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fleeceless Night

Well, folks, for the first time since leaving Seattle, I had my first night watch that did not require fleece. That's not to say that we have not had warm nights; they just don't seem to coincide with being underway. We should reach our next Baja Ha Ha anchorage before sundown this evening at Bahia Santa Maria, just on the outside of Magdalena Bay.
We had a great sail for part of the afternoon and part of the evening. Around 9:00pm the wind died and the iron sail has been propelling us southward since. Despite the engine, it was a beautiful clear night with a full moon and lots of stars. We are all pretty much up and enjoyed this morning's beautiful sunrise and we celebrated the mellow seas with pancakes and bacon.

This Mahi-mahi was let go
It did not "get away"

Bryce caught his first mahi-mahi (also called dorado or dolphin fish depending on where you are), but the beautiful creature was a small one so we threw it back. He also caught two more skip jacks and bird. The bird picked up the lure once, then came back and when it tried again got caught on the hook. Now we know where the term, "bird brain" comes from. Brad carefully removed the hook and off flew the bird into the Big Blue.

Another episode of Gilligan's Island

We work our crew hard!

Brad's new favorite quote on cruising:
"This so does not suck!"


Seven C's said...

That sounds so wonderful! It was pretty much a "fleece" day up here all day - except that with all five of the kids just getting over the swine flu, we never left the house.

Barbara and Harry said...

PJ, The trip sounds so great and brings back memories of my cruise to Mexico and beyond. Thanks for taking me back there vicariously. Tomorrow is Book Club, and I am sure we will all talk about you and your trip! Barbara and Harry

Michael said...

This world is simply too small. Evergreen was docked next to me at Shilshole when the Morrison's purchased her. Earlier today I was reading a post by S/V Totem, on Cruisers forum, and now I see they are friends of Capaz. If someone can talk my wife into leaving on next years Haha, I will give them a years supply of wine.

Have a great trip!!!