Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 13: Ski and Sea

02* 30.2' North
126* 23.9' West

We tried really hard to stay out of the sun, finding any shade possible. The cloud over that protected us until two days ago is now gone and has been replaced by fluffy white clouds (that sometimes harbor refreshng squalls) with lots of clear blue sky in between. Anther boat that is fairly close to us (within 60 miles or so) spent most of yesterday in the rain.
Tim has been a great help with school. He started out helping Bryce with his article for the Chronicle last week - this one is going to be the best ever. This week as we have added math and spelling back into the regime, Tim has taken over teaching, first with Bryce and today he helped Austin through his lesson, too!
Last night we had tacos in the cockpit. Brad grilled up an arachara and we put some of our last lettuce on the tacos. We started growing sprouts today for another veggie alternative. After dinner, the kids and I watched an old ski movie. How funny is that: to be out in the middle of the great blue ocean still in bathing suits at 10:00pm watching a ski movie!
Getting close to the Equator!!!

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