Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 7: Teeny Tiny Tuna

14* 33.2' North
121* 06.8' West

Bryce caught a teeny tiny tuna today. We are still working on the big one from the other day. I think we will bbq again and keep working on the teryaki jerkey.
We will have a little celebration with Oreo pudding for dessert tonight as we have gone over 900 miles which is about a third of the way to the Marquesas. We still have nice breeze today, but Brad is worried that we may lose the wind here soon for another little bit. Eric Rone (from Seattle, sailed with Brad and PJ on the 2006 Hawaii Race) singlehanding on his Cal 33 Secret Agent Man became a shellback in the early hours this morning as he crossed the equator. Eric left from La Paz about a week before us and we are catching him.
As we are sailing more, there are power restrictions and less video available to the boys. Thankfully, all those non-computer, video things that we brought with us are being re-discovered. Bryce was the Upwords champion yesterday, kicking both Tim's and my butts. Tim, however, just became the reigning Uno king. We will see how long that lasts. The Hubble Space Telescope was assembled this morning. Austin pulled out his oragami supplies and made a cow and a little something for Kelly when she arrives.

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