Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 17: 300miles To Go

06* 08.9' South
135* 12.5' West

We have been cruising along in the Southern Hemisphere trade winds. We may actually have to slow ourselves down to make sure that we make landfall during daylight hours. After more than two without touchng land, we are all wondering how our bodies will react to walking on a ground that is not constantly pitching.
We are aiming for Taahuku Bay where our papers should be waitingfor us to check into the country.
Besides, solid ground we are looking forward to a nice cold beverage. While we can hav ethem here on the boat, no one really feels like drinking. we are looking forward to beaches. The boys are looking forward to seeing the kids from Mulan, Totem and Oso Blanco. Austin is ready for this rocking motion to stop.

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