Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2: Settling in

18* 52' N09* 35 W

After leaving Banderas Bay on Thursday evening, we have had an uneventful sail. Most of it being under sail power with just a couple of hours here and there of motoring when the wind decreased to where the sail slapping drove Brad to turn on the engine. We are all settling into routines on the boat. Tim is busy fishing and we are all getting significant amounts of reading in. Yesterday, was mostly overcast which kept us all cool. Today the clouds are much more broken and we have been able to make our "hard boiled" eggs in the solar oven. Tim and the boys may do some decorating later today. This won't be the first time that Easter Bunny has had to find us on a boat somewhere (there were several Southern Straits Race deliveries when the boys were little).
We haven't seen our buddy boat, Totem since last night. They may have more tolerance for flopping sails or less fuel to burn than CAPAZ. Yesterday, we both passed within visual distance of a boat that left about 11 hours ahead of us called "Escapade". Totem was within a mile when they caught a huge tuna and shared some of the fish with the Totem crew as they altered course to come alongside for the meat! We did talk to them on the SSB this morning and all was well.
Happy Easter to everyone!

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