Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 3: Land Ho!

18* 35' N
111* 24' W

We are not THERE yet, but we did sight land today. We passed within a few miles of Isla Socorro. Delos has been there for about 5 days diving and swimming with the manta rays. The latter is legendary. The mantas are pretty big and very social. It has been confirmed by an email from Brian that the mantas actually come up to visiting boats and take swimmers for a ride bringing them right back to their boat. I can hardly wait to see the pictures and videos that Delos got on their visit. They also said on the radio last night that they will be rejoining the westward migration today.
When Tim went to pull in the hand lines yesterday, he was startled by a yellow fin tuna who had taken one of the lures. Unfortunately, since he didn't realize there was actually a fish on, at about 6 feet from the boat the fish managed to free himself from our hook. Hopefully, today we will have better luck in the fishing department.
Otherwise, we motored most of the night because the wind died just like the weather models predicted. Brad is hoping for the wind to start building again before its predicted return tomorrow. In the meantime, we have a few "hard boiled" eggs that Tim is determined to decorate (he mentioned something about deviled eggs - I hope he wasn't teasing). We hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter celebrations.

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Seven C's said...

Bummer about the Yellowfin! That would have been good eating! But there will be more :)