Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 5: Laundry Day

17* 09.6' North
116* 51.9' West

It has been overcast since we left Banderas Bay, but that is keeping us relatively cool. It didn't, however, help the laundry dry fast. I did a couple of small loads (well they are all small at this point) and hung the clothes along the life lines to dry. I haven't done our quick dry stuff in a while and when I got out the bag today, I found our missing heavy duty laundry bag (yeah!). Since there weren't but a few short sun breaks scattered throughout the day, it was like drying laundry in the fall back in Seattle: it takes all day. When the sun is out, even the moist ocean air can't keep things from drying really fast.
We had some more of our fresh tuna in tuna tacos for lunch. For a change of pace, Brad made us personal pizzas (weird Mexican product that we discovered) for dinner.
We have gotten back into the wind and we are sailing along nicely. Last night, the wind started to fill in, but it was only a teaser and the engine came back on for a few hours. By the time I came on watch before dawn, things had settled down and we were able to turn the engine off and have been sailing along since. Tim and Brad had the spinnaker up earlier and now we are poled out going wing and wing. The sun is close to setting and we have been talking about resetting our watches so that we stay in line with the sunrise/sunset times as we move west.

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