Friday, September 25, 2009

Adventures in Anchoring

Pebble Beach, CA
September 20, 2009

Brad and I are not what you would call “pros” at anchoring. Before leaving Seattle, we had really only anchored CAPAZ a grand total of three times: once in Gig Harbor, for Opening Day we used anchors in our raft up (does that count????) and one more time for dinner in Port Madison just for practice.

What we saw of Half Moon Bay

This week we have added considerably to our count. Tuesday night we anchored in Half Moon Bay which was pretty straight forward, textbook experience (not wind, no real swell). On Wednesday, we rafted to another boat in the marina (no power-so we were on battery power like being at anchor, but basically secured to the dock).

Approaching Santa Cruz Harbor
Austin puts the finishing touches on his Bryce/Sphinx sculpture

Then came Monterey Bay. The anchorage is just outside of the mooring balls that are slightly more protected by the breakwater and wharf. Brad decided to use a two anchor technique and since we have a grand total of six anchors aboard (go ahead and laugh, we didn’t BUY any of them – and anchors are expensive!!!!!!), why not???? The first night was pretty rolley and the second night was much better. However, our third night was very uncomfortable with almost constant side swell from the ocean. Brad decided to set a stern anchor to pull our bow out of the wind and into the oncoming swell. It took a little work on his part, but the results were a much quieter night of sleep. All three of the anchors came up off the bottom per their design and off we went.
Anchored in Monterey Bay
Doesn't LOOK rolley
Bat Ray touch pool - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here at Pebble Beach, we are now anchored in amongst the kelp with a sea otter playing near the boat. We are hoping that our anchoring karma holds and we will get off without a hitch in the morning for our long run to San Simeon (William Randolph Hearst State Park).

Passage to San Simeon

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Seven C's said...

Sounds like you are already having a great time and gaining valuable experience along the way.
That would be cool to have the sea otters playing nearby.