Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flashes in the NIght

Josh, Carol, Bryce, and Austin check out
the albino alligator at CAS

Sausalito, CA
We have moved across the Bay to Sausalito. It is pretty early and I am up doing mooring ball watch. We are on a mooring ball in front of the Sausalito Yacht Club next to another ketch with which we are concerned we may overlap and there are lightening storms to the north of us in Marin county and to the south of us in the City.
Our time in Alameda ended on Friday afternoon with the arrival of Bryce's Math Book!!! It was great for us all to have a little adjustment time at a dock with friendly people and grocery store/shopping center close by.
We did get into San Francisco on Tuesday and spent a good block of time at the California Academy of Science. It is a little more than a Science Center in that it has a pretty cool planetarium and great rain forest exhibit, but also a fairly extensive aquarium. I think Brad liked the computer generated voyage we went undertook in the planetarium. I was really impressed with the rain forest which is housed under a dome in which you walk up a circular column of ramps where you can view the different levels of the exhibit. Not only did we get to go on this great field trip, but we were hosted by a family (the crew of Evergreen) that we met on the Gate 11 dock who is also headed south.
Wednesday, we attended a Baja Ha Ha Party. What is Baja Ha Ha? you might ask yourself.
The "Ha Ha" for shorthand is a cruiser's rally in which we will be participating in about a month and a half. As there are certain times of the year to move or migrate to different, cruisers get together on form a rally to make certain passages. Anyway, the Ha Ha happens to be one of the larger rallies and it bascially gets boats from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas in three legs over about a 10 day period. There are two stop-overs with loosely organized get-togethers. So, this party that we attended was intended to match up boats who were looking for crew with people who want a ride down the coast and/or back up it. It was pretty organized and reminded me of rush in the Greek System - quite a meat market atmosphere. Anyway, we met yet another family headed south with yet another 11 year old from Vancouver, BC.
The crew of Blackdragon was staying at the Encinal Yacht Club where the party was hosted and invited us down to swim in pool. It ended up being the perfect day to spend at the pool as the temperature was about 90*. The other 11 year old from Gate 11 joined us since his parents were in the crazy mode the week before leaving (a fading memory for us). I think all four of those boys needed that serious stretch of hard play in the water. An old rowing friend of mine from college and his two kids brought us pizza for dinner. What a treat!!!! It was a great evening topped off with drinks in the cockpit of the boat next door.
Friday, we got our new batteries and Bryce's math book. Then, we headed across the Bay to meet up with Mentor for dinner in Sausalito. The sail marked our first upwind run in fairly heavy air - I drove in sustained 30's and saw a fust of 42 knots. The boys finally understand all these months of my harping on them about having to stow and secure everything in their cabin. There was a little cleaning up back there as I got dinner going. The rest of the boat survived fairly well and was ready for Cindy and Dick to join us for dinner (more tuna - I think we are perfecting our methods) I would still like to impress upon my husband that if have to sail upwind in that much breeze, OK, but if we don't have to . . . . . . .
On the roof of the CAS, Brad wonders,
"Where are the Teletubbies?"

Bryce loses his mainsheet
and Josh gives him a tow in for a rerig
Alameda, Oakland Estuary

Bryce's favorite part of the Bay Model, Sausalito

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