Monday, September 7, 2009


We had thought that the following posts had made it through to be posted. Here they are:

September 4, 2009
39* 55’ N
124* 32’ W
South of Cape Mendocino, CA

It would appear that I wrote my log entry far too early yesterday. After dinner we were treated to quite a show. First, a few porpoises showed up to play at the bow. They were very entertaining as they were leaping out of the water and criss-crossing back and forth under the bow. Then, we noticed in the distance that there were dolphins leaping in several different spots. We figuring maybe they were hunting. Soon, they joined their cetacean friends and put their moves into the mix. Bryce and Austin each lay down on either side of the bow on their stomachs with one arm over the side. Though the dolphins and porpoise didn’t come in for a “pet” they were most certainly matching the speed of the boat to check us out. Then, the wind started to die and we had to take down the spinnaker. The dolphins weren’t nearly as interested once we slowed down and we figured that the noise of the engine would repel them, but instead they gave us a grand finale. Six dolphins, jumping out of the water all together in a line, came “bounding” back to say good-bye to us. I am pretty sure that it was better than any aquarium show (and we would have had to pay for that!)
Bryce has become quite the hunter whether his prey is tuna or flies. He caught another tuna before brunch this morning which is good news for anyone who can help us find a slip in San Francisco (yes, that is a call out and will be rewarded with fresh tuna).
We have now been without the engine for about two hours because the wind has come around from behind us and picked up. We are now in watching our energy consumption mode, but the absence of the drone of the engine is a welcome change.
We have been able to play games in the cockpit. Cribbage, chess, checkers and Pirateer went well. Pente however was a little too challenging in the little roll that comes with this point of sail.
We are all very excited about seeing San Francisco soon!


01:16 Saturday Morning September 5th
38 56N
123 57W
Winds Calm
Seas Calm

Well so much for the nuking winds at Cape Mendocino. It’s been very mild with winds peaking in the teens earlier today, or I guess I should say yesterday since its morning now on the 5th. All n all it’s been a great trip thus far. With the exception of a couple of bouncy nights the Pacific has been very kind in delivering for the most part sunshine and light air. I guess we lucked out. We do still have another day to go (really less) so I guess I shouldn’t get to cocky. We still could get kicked in the rear end before this is through.

As PJ mentioned we were visited by dolphins and porpoise yesterday. They also paid us a little visit today as well. Bryce and Austin were beside themselves. The spent the better part of an hour laying down on the foredeck reaching down trying to touch the marine mammals as they played off our bow wake.

In my continuing effort to work on the boat and not relax and enjoy the ride I took out the switches for the electric winch on deck near the mast. As I mentioned before this winch would just run on its own without the switch being pressed. The rubber covers to the switches had worn through allowing water to get to the innards. Once I pulled the switches Curtis and I did a little troubleshooting with an Ohm meter and yes, they are broken. I soaked them in fresh water hoping to get the salt out, and just now cooked them on low in the oven to try and evaporate any water from their innards. I’ll check them tomorrow (or really I should say today) later this morning that is.

Actually today I worked hard at not working on the boat and was fairly successful. I did manage to do a few odd things around the boat but nothing of any substance. We had been trying to connect with Cindy and Dick on Mentor, Friends who are also making the trip down the coast, over the Single Side Band HF radio. We had attempted the day before. I could hear them but they could not hear us. On the first attempt it yesterday however, it looked like it wasn’t going to work again. I started playing with connections on the radio and viola! It worked! We talked for bit. Turns out they have been staying closer to the coast and making stops along the way. Where as we have been a bit further out (as far as 50 miles offshore) and not making any stops. After talking with Cindy it seems like two totally different trips. They have been in fog and no wind the whole time. We have had primarily sun and periods of sailing in good breeze at times. Go figure.

On the theme of sailing. We have had two really good sails. On the Thursday the 3rd, we got the spinnaker up for a good 7 hours of sailing making good time in good breeze. At sunset the breeze shut down and went back to motoring. Yesterday was a repeat, but the wind was further aft so we opted to pole out the jib and go wing on wing. It was another glorious sail with sunshine and good breeze, definitely nice to get the drone of the engine off for a while!

I got a lot of sleep last night and even took a nap today. With all this sleep I wasn’t very tired when I tried to catch a few z’s before my 11:30pm to 2am watch. Thus, my mind wondered to the I suppose the inevitable worries. Is the money going to hold out? Did we get everything done we were supposed to? Are we freaking crazy to sell the farm and go? I didn’t realize how leaving would affect me. It’s hard to leave all that you know, your family, your friends, your life. I do know that this will be an experience that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. I really don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose it’s just part of the process of leaving to have, I don’t know if I would call them doubts, more like anxiety. Anyway you get the idea, lying in the bunk worrying that sort of thing. For those of you wondering if I’m having second thought, absolutely not.

So, what happens on this trip part of the trip from here? I’m considering stopping at Point Reyes and dropping the hook. That way we can spend the night and get an early start tomorrow morning. That would put us in SF Bay mid day on Sunday. If we were to keep going without stopping we would likely come into the bay in the late afternoon, not arriving at the dock or mooring until dark. I guess I’d rather arrive with a little more time to get our bearings. Plus, I guess I’d like to spend the night on the hook .

Well, it’s watch change time. I just woke up Curtis for his 2am to 4:30am watch. I wish I was a bit more tired! Seems I may spend some more time in the bunk thinking. Hopefully this time about warmer climates and beaches!

Brad signing off.

PS. It’s now 10:34am and we are under sail again in a South Westerly wind. We made another attempt at communications with Mentor, but no luck. Looks as though I still have some bugs to work out. The plan is to sail to Drakes Bay, spend the night and head into SF Bay on Sunday morning.

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Loving getting these updates from you all! I hope the camera was working for the dolphins--how thrilling--living vicariously through you guys.