Monday, September 7, 2009

Anchored at Pt. Reyes; SF or Bust!

We wrapped up the Seattle to San Francisco leg of our adventure in the fog. On September 5th, it seemed like it might clear some, but the closer we got to the coast and farther south that we sailed the more the fog closed in. We had decided to duck into Point Reyes and anchor so that we could make the tide going through the Golden Gate during daylight hours, rather than at midnight. I was excited to see one of the coolest lighthouses ever: the Point Reyes Lighthouse, but as you can see, the fog obscured our view of it.
What we could see of Point Reyes
We had to content ourselves with checking out what we could with the binos. Luckily, we have several pairs on board. As we rounded the southern point and turned into Drakes Bay, we noticed several boats materializing out of the fog from the south . . . . and they just kept coming until the one boat that was already anchored was joined by us and 14 other boats.

Checking out the caves, cliffs and beaches at Point Reyes

The big boys stayed on the boat, while the other boys and I went for a little explore around the bay. We went ashore at an old lifeboat station and talked to some women who were participating in an artists' retreat. They let us know that Rangers were really telling everyone to stay away from the seals right now, so we decided we probably shouldn't be on that particular beach and headed off to check out more of the bay's shoreline. We got about half way around our end of the bay and the fog started to roll over the headland from the ocean. Since we didn't really have any navigational aids, we decided it might be a good idea to beat feet back to the boat while we could still actually see it.

Racing the fog rolling in back to CAPAZ
CAPAZ anchored in Drakes Bay

Though the wind did pick up during the night, we had relatively sound sleep on the anchor. The plan was to weigh anchor around 7:00am and head for the Golden Gate. It was all good even though the fog was fairly thick. It did take some of the anticipation away from the experience of coming up on the Golden Gate. When you can see it from several miles out, it is exciting to inch your way toward the bridge. As it was, we really couldn't see it until we were almost there, but we did have time to mix up the traditional dark and stormies for a toast while going under the bridge. We had been sailing for about the preceding hour or two, so we actually sailed under which was a first for Brad and me and maybe even for Curtis.

Ryan is a Golden Gate Virgin . . . .
. . . . . no more!

Curtis, on the other hand . . . . . how many times does this make?

Brad and PJ toast the Golden Gate and San Francisco

We had enough wind to keep sailing along the waterfront. At some point, Brad got a phone call from the Cordill family (CAPAZ's last owners) that they were checking out of their hotel on the waterfront - they had been in town for a relative's wedding. Anyway, how cool is it that they were able to take these pictures of us sailing on the Bay.

We have had the great fortune to be "caught" down here in Alameda by Jim and Diana Jessie. We just emailed them that we would probably be coming sometime over the holiday weekend to see if they might know of someone who was gone and we could use their slip. Not only did they find us a slip, but the whole community here at Gate 11 welcomed us with open arms. We have met another family with an 11-year old boy who is also participating in the Baja - Ha - Ha. We hadn't even been here for 24 hours and the boys have already played x-Box, legoed, gone sailing and kayaking together. We may try to go on a San Francisco adventure tomorrow.


kat said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! Have a wonderful time in San Francisco.

Hays Family said...

Glad to read you've all made the first leg of your adventure safe and sound and with a belly full of tuna!
The shots of you cruising in under full sail along the SF waterfront are very cool. We all in the Hays family hoist a toast to the Bakers for living the dream!
Cheers and happy sailing.
Ken, Will, & Joanna