Sunday, September 13, 2009


Angel Island, the Bay Bridge and SF waterfront
from Tiburon, SFYC

P.P.P. stands for proper prior planning. This is the motto by which my father lives. The whole saying goes like this: proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. My father will be happy to know that we have finally sat down and tried to do a little planning.
I realize that a huge part of this adventure is to NOT plan out every minute of our lives. Heck, we could have stayed in Seattle and kept doing THAT! However, we are supposed to be in San Diego by a certain time and we want to be able to take our time going down the California Coast with extra time to wait out any undesirable weather that may lie in our path.
When we looked a little closer at our options, a trip up the Delta seems not to be in our future. It would mean that we wouldn't have very many days of wiggle time. After sailing upwind the other day (in my house) for a couple of hours to get across the Bay. I am feeling like any upwind sailing should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
With that in mind, we are not leaving the Bay Area tomorrow to start working our way down the coast, but rather waiting for more favorable (not on our nose) winds on Tuesday. We do have a plan, but it is a loose one. Though we are capable of making overnight passages, we are going to try to do most of the next chunk shorter passages with a couple of long days here and there. There are some points of interest along the coast where we would really like to stop and do a little exploring as we work our way toward San Diego and the start of the Baja Ha Ha.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, a plan is a plan, they're all "loose" by virtue of the uncontrollable.

Some of my fondest vacation memories are of a car trip with my family down the California coast, visiting San Francisco, Tiburon, the warm air, the sunshine, the views, the California attitude.

Wish I were there! Although, I keep telling myself "okay, this is the last beautiful day of summer" and today we had another one. Sofie "fetched" the stick in the water about 13 times, and is now passed out on her pillow at my feet. God I love that dog...


Laurian said...

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already!!. Sorry I didn't get to give you a shove. I hate goodbyes :) (& Jack didn't finish till 4.15pm!!)
If you end up leaving today my friends The Haechlers will miss you if not they may say HI, I'm thinking by the spot that you are at SFYC.
Off to work! Laurian

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad and Family,

I just got back from spending the evening with Dick and Cindy at SFYC. I'm sorry I just missed you guys. I would have liked to say hello.

Fair Winds,
Chris King