Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Septmber 1, 2009, 1700 PST

47*45' N; 125*002' W
Destruction Island WA

Admiralty Inlet was relatively calm yesterday afternoon which allowed the stowage to continue. We had pretty much everything put away before dinner. We waved and were seen by Nana and Poppy from East Beach which is near their house on Marrowstone Island. We got in a few ore phone calls before we lost cell serivce including a weather and routing consult fro Brian on "Delos" in San Francisco (they found their prop!!!!) and from the Giffords who called from Bryce Canyon.
True to form the Strait of Juan de Fuca lived up to their reputation. We had westerlies right around 20 knots all night with pretty good swell. Bryce stood watch from 1900 to 2300 (with a break to watch The Simpsons Movie). He is quite adept at checking the radar and the AIS. He made his parents proud.
We pulled into Neah Bay a few minutes before 0700 (pretty much right when we had expected) and topped off our diesel tanks. In the protection of the bay we all ate breakfast and then hoisted the sails to head around the corner towards San Francisco. We have been motor sailing most of the day and the swell has decreased quite a bit. We seized the opportunity to turn off the engine for a coupe of hours as we made our way off the coast to our course south to Cape Blanco. Everyone felt a liitte squishy but we have all (including Austin) been eating fine. There has not been great wildlife sightings thus far just a couple of albatrosses which are pretty cool. We have also not encountered very much ship traffic even in the shipping lanes of the Strait. Although as I look out the window, I see something on the horizon that I am going to go check out. PJ


FBEV said...

Say HELLO to Ryan from Les

Kat said...

It's exciting to read about your progress. I wonder if you could link a Google map with your location pinpointed once you get farther away from familiar landmarks.

Anonymous said...

Miss you guys already! Sofie too--glad no one's fallen overboard yet!