Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butchart Gardens

August 28, 2010

Our Butchart Gardens voyage actually started last night.  After finding a place to anchor in Tod Inlet and finishing up the last of delivery tuna, we sought a spot in the dinghy from which to watch the Saturday night fireworks that the Gardens put on.  We enjoyed the aerial displays and even though we couldn’t see the ground displays they lit up the tree that were between us and them in a most pleasing way.

b 117 b 045 b 069 b 100  b 079 b 060 This morning, all six of us, Nana and Poppy had joined us in Victoria, piled into to the dinghy and made our way to the Gardens before too many tourists descended.  I worked on my familiarizing myself with my new camera taking tons of “foliage” shots.   We had packed a nice lunch and found a nice bench in the sun to eat it at which time the people watching was almost as enjoyable as the colorful views that vast array of plants and flowers provided us. Nana and Poppy took the bus back to Victoria so that they could catch their ferry back to Port Angeles. 

We returned to Capaz and ended up moving the boat to a better spot that also proved to have better beach access. After dinner, Brad and I returned to the lit gardens for some live jazz that went well with ice cream and some hot drinks that we had brought along in a thermos from the boat.  You gotta love rum: the all-latitude drink!

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