Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 13: Are we there yet?

18* 22.8' North
155* 11.4' West
August 1, 2010

On this morning's watch, I have been continually scanning the horizon to the northwest of our position for a glimpse of the Big Island. We within 60 miles of it and with Mauna Kea at over 13,000 feet, we should have no problem seeing it. However, one needs it to be clear all the way to the horizon to be able to see such things and the current weather conditions are prohibiting me from calling, "Land ho!" at this point.
Luckily, the VHF radio is picking up transmissions from the US Coast Guard Honolulu. It just hit me that we are essentially once again within the easy reach of the US Guard for the first time in months. After following a ca;; pm the radio and hearing how the French Polynesian Coat Guard or Navy handled a distress call, I am very glad to be back in this jurisdiction. The USCG's competence is reassuring.

There is land in this picture – I promise!cros 080 
Ah! There it is! As the squall line in front of me has passed to the south, I can see it: the top of Mauna Loa! Hawaii here we come!

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