Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 9: Dolphin Day and Fixing Stuff

August 19, 2010
17:09 HST (03:09 UTC August 20)
Lat: 40 26.8 North
Lon 145 45.3 West
Distance to go: 1072 nautical miles

Sorry for the late blog entry today. The afternoon was spent with Harold and I doing a repair to the mainsail:  one of the slides had broken off. The big repair though was to the gooseneck on the boom (where the boom attaches to the mast). One of the tabs that holds the gooseneck to the mast had broken off. We attached two L-brackets using some metal epoxy. This should work for the remainder of the trip, but I'll have to get the boom repaired and welded once back to Seattle.

The other highlight was a large pod of Common Dolphins decided to come play with us. It was a big group that seemed to enjoy leaping out of the water and playing off our bow. They hung with us for about an hour. Very cool!

We are still motor sailing, but should be just sailing tomorrow. The wind should increase as we move into the day after tomorrow(Saturday).  A low should pass in front of us moving from NE to SW. The GRIB weather files show winds up to 20 knots for us, so I suspect we will see winds into 30 knots at times. It will be downwind which is a good thing, but we wanted to make sure the main and the gooseneck were in good shape for the coming breeze. It will be nice to get some sailing in after all of this motoring. After the low passes us,  it looks like we will end up with another light patch before a NW breeze fills into to bring us home.

The very preliminary and I stress preliminary ETA is sometime late on the 26th or more likely during the day on the 27. Lets see if it comes to pass.

Capt. Brad signing off.

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