Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 4 Sailing Again

August 14, 2010
11:24 HST (21:24 UTC)
Lat: 31 48.2 North
Lon: 156 56.3 West

After motoring for 22 hours, we started sailing again this morning. At 6am (boat time which happens to be Hawaiian Standard Time which also happens to be I believe 9am PDST) we turned into the wind and hoisted the main. Next, we poled out the genoa on the port side. The wind was blowing about 12 knots from the SSW. About 2 hours later, the spinnaker went up and life has been good sailing at around 8 knots with winds in the high teens.

Yesterday was pretty mellow. I believe Dave is averaging a book a day reading-trying to beat Lydia’s record. For dinner, we had grilled fish with a mango salsa, a green salad and pasta with red sauce. People would have paid good money for a dish like this in a classy restaurant. Thanks again, Randy! (and grillmaster Brad)! After dinner, we watched another movie. this time it was volume one in a three volume series about Shakleton and his last expedition to the Antarctic. I suspect we will watch volume two tonight. I cooked up some bacon this morning and gave the crew the choice of having their eggs just the way they wanted as long as what they wanted was scrambled. They could choose to have them scrambled. We hooked two Mahi Mahi simultaneously this morning.  So, we let one go and cut up the other for yet another fish meal maybe it will be for lunch this time.

The weather outlook hasn't changed much. Hopefully, we will be able to milk a couple days of sailing before what looks like a rather prolonged motoring stint. The weather models can and do change, but if the current trend holds we will have to motor through a long light patch.  However, right now we are coasting along at 8 knots with the spinnaker up, mostly sunny skies, the stereo playing and all the crew with their nose in a book. Jorge (the autopilot) is doing a fine job of driving.

Capt. Brad signing off

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