Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 11: Big Wind Last Night, Making Good Time

August 21, 2010
17:37 HST (03:37 UTC August 22)
Lat: 42 48.8 North
Lon 139 52.9 West
Distance to go: 774 nautical miles

Today's crew blogger is Randy

The wind and waves built gradually last night, and by sometime past midnight, Jorge the autopilot had gone on strike. Brad and Harold broke-out the foul-weather gear and had steered for a few hours, giving our friend a much-needed siesta. By morning, we had a North Pacific version of mixed chop, where small waves play with these school bus-sized things in a fairly random order. You can admire the top of your rudder off the stern while a small breaker lightly cleans the windows on the coach house. The boat slaloms across the mix in a surprisingly graceful way, and we spent the morning watching the parade of peaks and troughs like some kind of maritime parade. It's a busy existence. All speculation now is on when the motoring will start later this evening, as the weather patterns change yet again on our route.


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