Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 8: Halfway Baby!

August 18, 2010
16:35 HST (02:35 UTC August 19)
Lat: 38 43.7 North
Lon: 147 57.3 West

In a couple of hours, we will be equidistant between the start of this trip and the finish. We continue to motor in very light to no wind. It has been a mellow day with a lot book reading and I-pod watching. This morning, I put the hand lines back out. Harold and I were the only two on deck enjoying the surprisingly nice sunny morning. We discussed politics and current events. I realized I'm not really prepared to enter real life again. Being out cruising, I have been truly disconnected from what has been going on back home. I will be returning in a couple of months but it will be with a whole new perspective on things. This is a good thing. Anyway, while we were having our discussion, a rather large mahi mahi started jumping through the air making B-line toward our lures. I kid you not! I have done . . .  I don't know how many . . . .  crossings like this and have never seen anything like it. The fish, from a few hundred yards off, maybe jumping a half dozen times until it reached the lures and immediately took the port side squid. He didn't stay on the hook long and Harold and I thought he was done, but nooooo.  He was still in the game. We watched again as he came up behind the starboard side squid and took that lure. He eventually managed to shake that one loose as well, but it was very entertaining to watch. Right after he threw the second lure, a small albacore size tuna type fish took the same squid, just like yesterday. This fish managed to escape as well. The making of future fish stories has been the highlight of today. Big Halfway Day party tonight!

We might even drink a glass of wine with our movie!

Capt. Brad signing off.

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