Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7: Motoring, Mahi, Movies and Pizza

August 17, 2010
21:52 HST (07:52 UTC August 18)
Lat:37 24.1 North
Lon: 149 28.8 West

After an evening of quiet sailing, we motored most of the day today, sometimes getting help from the sails when there was a little wind and sometimes not (like now). Sorry that I didn't blog earlier, but you know the days are just packed with reading, sleeping, know. Actually, I did do a few chores like get the inner forestay tightened up, fixed the charger for the Sat phone, weather routed, checked on our fuel consumption, stuff like that.

Last night, we watched the second of the Shackleton series. Those guys were tough. It's amazing what they went through and he didn't loose a single person. Amazing! Dinner was Pork Loin served with a cabbage dish. Again excellent. Randy has pretty much become the dinner cook on board, of which I know Dave, Harold and I are very appreciative.

After a couple of days off from fishing, I decided to put the lines back in the water this morning in hopes of catching something other than mahi mahi. I didn't even get the second line all the way out before a rather large mahi mahi took the lure. We took a video of Dave and I pulling the fish in and then releasing it. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera started when I spotted a school of mahi mahi leaping out of the water heading out away from the boat. They would jump like a dolphin would, flying through the air in an arc. They were a bright blue in color and there must have been 20 of them. I had never seen that before and had no idea that they did that. We also hooked a small tuna but it didn't make it to the boat before throwing the hook. Later in the day we hooked another mahi mahi which we also released and decided to pull the lines in hoping for better luck catching an albacore tuna tomorrow.

We watched a couple of movies today. First was a movie called "Wanted" which none of us had seen and new nothing about. It was a story about a secret fraternity of assassins, lots of good gore and gun fights. The second movie was the Abyss, special addition. I hadn't seen this movie for quite a while and forgot how good it was. While watching the movie Randy made up some pizzas, so it was Movie and Pizza Night.

The sea conditions have really laid down and the drizzle stopped today. It's still warm enough to wear t-shirts outside when it's not windy. We all took advantage of the mellow conditions to take showers on the swim step.  We are all smelling clean again, at least for now.

It looks as though we will motor until the 21st, then sail for a few days. After that the models show it getting light again. We are motoring slow so as to save fuel for future light air.

I am on watch right now and will be until 11pm. Dave comes on after me. Ah, the moon just poked out from behind some clouds. I think I'll go on deck and enjoy the evening before I had things off to Dave.

Capt. Brad signing off.

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