Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 12 motoring in the calm after the storm

August 22, 2010
16:09 HST (02:09 UTC August 23)
Lat: 43 56.5 North
Lon: 137 8.2 West
Distance to go: 636 nautical miles

Today's crew blogger is Harold

This is “Hunt and Peck Harold” with a veery brief outline of the last few hours. Last night, we saw another episode of our TV family "Big Bang Theory".  We get worried about what Penny has been up to. We have become one in our nerdness. Twenty-five knots of wind and big seas made even brushing our teeth a challenge and flossing was optional for last night only. We were greeted this morning with a spectacular sunrise calm seas and 10 to 15 knots of wind off our beam. Sweet! The water temp has dropped from 80 to a refreshing 65 and we felt that the tuna should be ready for our BBQ.  We deployed the tuna jig and shortly after hauled in our dinner. Albacore tuna on the BBQ tonight. Taking a 360 degree view makes me realize how BIG the Pacific is: how vast and powerful and beautiful.  Helps me realize how small and insignificant we all are. This is a gas!
Peace and Love Harold

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