Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 12: Getting Close Now

16* 22.2' North
153* 02.5' West
July 31, 2010

Sunset behind a squall

cros 066

We say goodbye to July and our eleventh month of this adventure today. Even though we are technically out of the ITCZ and into the trades, we are still experiencing some unsettled weather and squalls. I spent most of yesterday trying to recover and catch up on sleep lost two nights ago as we sailed through a patch of 30 - 40 knot winds for several hours. The last 24 hours have been more consistent with winds hovering around 20 knots, only occasionally gusting to 30. The seas have remained pretty rolly, but again our bodies seem to be getting used to it. Brad really hasn't had anything to fix or MacGyver recently until last the I-Pod charger broke. I guess that is how he amused himself on his watch, because when he got me up, it charged and ready for me!

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