Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 8: Triple Digits

07* 10.7' North
148* 52.0' West
July 27, 2010

As of my watch this morning, our distance to Hawaii has dropped below 1,000 miles. The dolphins that greeted me as I came on watch seemed excited for us!
After seven solid days of winds hovering around 20 knots and the boat traveling through big swell at 7 to 9 knots, I awoke from a good night's sleep to lighter winds, calmer seas and the boat's much gentler motion. It is a welcome respite. I can now take two or three steps without the boat lurching. We were expecting this change as we are approaching the ITCZ. Beyond it, we should hope for the consistency of the Trade Winds. But for today, we will enjoy the little bit of variety in our lives at sea. We may even get the opportunity to do laundry or have a little more complex dinner! Who knows - we may even have to turn on the engine for the first time since leaving Rangiroa!

cros 057  Complex Cooking

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