Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crew Arrival and Capaz Departure

Marina Taina, Punaauia, Tahiti, French Polynesia

July 15, 2010

Waves hitting the reef outside the Marina Taina anchorage!


Tuesday night, our crew, Lydia, and her husband, Lon arrived at about 10:00pm.  As usual, there were glitches, but it was nothing these two veteran travelers couldn’t overcome.  Lon will be sailing with us to Rangiroa in the Tuamotus and then returning to Papeete and the states.  Lydia will be going all the way to Hawaii.

DSCF6479 DSCF6488 DSCF6495

Yesterday, we celebrated Bastille Day trying to find the big pirogue races.  We were in the dinghies and not all that interested in going all the way to Papeete proper, so we gave up and went snorkeling instead.  We saw a wrecked WWII airplane and an old shipwreck as well as our first anemones with tiny little clown fish.  Lon and Lydia treated us to a great pizza dinner at the Dinghy Bar at the marina.  The kids ended the day with a movie night inviting their buddies from Silver Lining and Victoria. 

Today has been spent doing final provisioning,stowing, checking out of French Polynesia and preparing to leave for Rangiroa this evening.  There was a discussion at lunch about maybe delaying a day for weather, but we have decided that it probably won’t make that much difference.


The next few (or more) posts may not have pictures, because we are leaving reliable internet land and they will be sent over our SSB radio.  When we were in Rangiroa last month, there was internet, but there are no guarantees , so you will just have to stayed tuned.

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