Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 10: Big Left Turn

12* 46.2' North
148* 44.5' West
July 29, 2010

After trying to motor due north through the doldrums, we have picked up the wind and made a nice big left turn towards Hawaii. Not only are we again moving faster through the water with the wind, but the miles are clicking off more quickly because we are taking a more direct route. For the time being, the winds gods have smiled on us with an almost southerly wind direction which we expect to change to the east as we enter the trades. We will certainly take this gift for as long as it presents itself.
Last night was a rough night that made sleeping difficult. We were starting to see the swell waves coming from the north, but we did not have the stabilizing effect of our sails since there was no wind yet. The result was a very rolly night.
I am just glad that we are no longer pointed at the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and instead, we are now aiming for the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii!

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Vicki said...

How exciting! I'm really enjoying following your passage.