Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 6: New Shellback on Board

01* 14.0' NORTH
149* 22.2' West
July 25, 2010

As you can see from our position, we have crossed back into our home hemisphere! Upon crossing the equator after dinner last night, we were again visited by King Neptune. He checked and verified the status of those aboard alleging to be Shellbacks and found one pollywog. After Lydia, the pollywog in question, met Neptune's requirements she was also granted the status and joined the ranks of the Shellbacks. Among other things: hair was cut, grog sacrificed and drunk, and sea creatures (or their sweet tart semblances) were consumed! We then celebrated Lydia's accomplishment and new privileges and protections with champagne and thin mint cookies!

cros 042
As we have instantly changed from Winter to Summer as we crossed the equator, we have noticed that our days are lengthening a little as each passes. For the last year, the course of our adventure has kept us pretty much in places at the times of the year that we visited them where the days have been about 12 hours long give or take. There is a joke among cruisers that when the clock strikes 9:00 pm it means cruiser midnight. I think those of us who reside (when living on land) in the higher latitudes feel this phenomenon more acutely. Seattle is, after all, a little more than halfway to the Arctic circle from the equator! For us, when the weather is warm in summer, the days are long and when the sun sets it is pretty much the end of the day. We associate sunset during warm weather with bedtime, so for a year now, we have been having sunset around dinner time when it is downright hot out and then often being awake for 3 or 4 more hours afterward. It might be interesting to see if we feel any after effects once we are back to our "normal" rhythms.

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