Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bryce’s 12th Birthday

July 12, 2010

Marina Taina, Punaauia, Tahiti, French Polynesia

17* 34.8’ South and 149* 37.1’ West

Bryce had been concerned about being underway on his birthday on Friday, July 16th.  He was really OK with celebrating it a couple of days early especially if we could round up a few kids.

As we arrived back at Tahiti and got ourselves situated at Marina Taina, we realized that we might able to get a birthday party together for Monday night with TWO kid boats.  After checking Monday morning with both of the other boats and meeting with our agent, we got cake baked and ended up having a boat full of boys all day long.  We broke up the day by venturing ashore to the beachfront McDonald’s.  The after effects of our fast food feast meant that it was a fairly quiet afternoon aboard CAPAZ. 

  DSCF6430 DSCF6444

After dinner, we were rejoined by the crews of Victoria and Silver Lining along with a couple of the latter’s Tahitian relatives who jumped right in to play video games with the rest of the kids.  We sang Happy Birthday and Bryce opened a couple of presents. All in all, Bryce was glad he was able to get his birthday celebrated before we left for Hawaii. DSCF6448 DSCF6450

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! Hope you enjoyed it. We are excited to see you guys when you get back...the crew of Ghost