Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3: Smooth Sailing

07* 08.4' South
148* 44.5' West
July 22, 2010

If you were aboard CAPAZ right now, you might not agree with my title of "Smooth Sailing" as we are rocking and rolling constantly with the current side swell. But really, at the close of our third day at sea, things are going our direction. We have had constant wind right around 20 knots. It has shifted to just south of east in direction which allows us to point comfortably almost due north. This will help us compensate for some westward current and any future wind shifts in the other direction. If those future wind shifts do not materialize, then we will be rewarded with our last couple of days into Hawaii being a downwind sleigh ride. Commanders Weather has our daily position and will alert us if there is any weather that will affect us and our route to Hawaii.
There were no more culinary mishaps to report and Brad has McGuyver'd the old sat phone booster antenna so that it is much more reliable. We will keep posting blog entries over the satellite phone unless Brad is able to get the sailmail working again.
Ahead, we have the equator crossing and the ITCZ!

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