Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4: Pizza Boats!

04* 27.1' South
148* 57.3' West
July 23, 2010

Yep, dinner was the most exciting thing for Day 4. Brad made us pepperoni pizza boats (what we have always called French bread pizzas) which we enjoyed in the cokpit at sunset.
We have started burning through the reading material. Lydia says she has read through two and a half books and I am about the same. Bryce has completed two books that Brad read aloud to both he and his brother before we left Seattle. Brad would be farther along if he had a "book spot" - he keeps misplacing his book, but I think he is close to completing it.

 cros 044 cros 012 cros 015 cros 018  
Yesterday, was magazine day. Lydia was kind enough to gather a bunch of magazines and bring them with her. We got through the older People magazines and passed them on before we left Rangiroa. They are like gold in the cruiser community. We have quite the spectrum on board from the aforementioned People to the New Yorker to 48* North and Lats and Ats (Thanks Margaret!). I even caught Brad with his nose in the newest issue of People.
We find it funny that our little cruising clique seems to permeate the magazines of the sailing category this month. Brad got to tell our friend, Andrew, on Mulan over the SSB this morning that he made back page of July's Lats and Ats (he was interviewed at the La Cruz Boat Show back in March!). We plan to try to get a picture of Brad reading our beloved copy of 48* North as we cross the equator tomorrow morning and then we will send it off to the magazine!


cros 028

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